Data provider snaps up appraisal company

by Paydayloans24712 Mar 2014
A national appraisal company has been acquired by a leading real estate information provider.

American Title Inc has acquired Collateral Intelligence, a national appraisal management company, and has changed the company's name to ATI Valuations.

"Our clients have been asking for us to help them with valuation services for years due to all of the changes, but we wanted to make sure that we had a best-in-class solution before bringing it to the market.  When we became aware of Collateral Intelligence, we knew that it was a perfect fit," ATI Executive Vice President Mike Mackintosh said.

Mackintosh said ATI Valuations had rolled out several appraisal hybrid products and appraisal desktops, and that ATI and the former Collateral Intelligence had worked since last year to integrate their infrastructure.

"We think that this will create the best solution for our clients since they will get access to title and valuation products through one company, but still have the best possible people working on the unique products," said Mackintosh.
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