How do you delegate production?

by Paydayloans24703 Nov 2015
Part II: You have been writing about recruiting. But my problem is that I can't spend the time to help integrate new loan officers into our systems. We are a small company and I do 30% of the production. How do I solve this problem?
--Donald from Iowa

We ended last week's discussion mentioning the importance of delegation. You can see why this trait is important if you are a manager. You are producing, recruiting, onboarding, coaching and more if you are a producing manager in this industry. There is no way you can accomplish all of these jobs efficiently if you don't delegate. Last week we talked about delegating the tasks of onboarding and mentoring, which will help you grow future leaders for your company. This week we will talk about delegation in production.

Producers have the same issues with regard to taking applications, managing a pipeline and also marketing. The question is, what tasks will help you grow your business and help keep your customers satisfied? Any marketing activities that do not involved human contact such as calling and meeting with people, are candidates for delegation. For example, you should not be writing newsletters or creating flyers. Others can do that for you, whether they are inside or outside your company. Even pipeline management issues may involve savvy delegation decisions. For example, if you need tax returns on a file and an accountant has them, do you ask your client to procure them, the processor or you? If you would like to meet that accountant, then the answer is obvious.
--Dave Hershman

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