Exceeding expectations: Going beyond the obvious

by 04 Aug 2016
Have you ever had an experience purchasing a product or service that was completely ordinary? It wasn't a bad experience – you didn't feel compelled to leave any kind of negative review, demand a refund, or file a lawsuit.
But it also wasn't a great experience – you didn't feel compelled to leave a positive review or tell all your friends and colleagues about the product or service. It was just a simple transaction. Nothing special. It just met expectations.

While these types of purchases happen all of the time, you're probably struggling with thinking of a specific occasion, and you aren't likely to remember the name of the company. Why? Because they're so forgettable. Nothing sets them apart. They lack that something extra that keeps bringing them to the forefront of your mind. Companies that merely meet expectations are not companies that we deliberately return to. We only become loyal to companies that blow us away.

Now, think about this truth as a leader in the mortgage industry. If all you do is offer great rates and the same sort of service that other companies in the industry are offering, how can you expect people to remember you? Meeting expectations isn't enough. You have to exceed expectations. You have to go beyond the obvious. You have to blow people away with your extraordinary service. Otherwise, you will be forgotten. So, ask yourself: what creative angle does your company offer that gets people’s attention and compels them to come back to you in the future?