Failure can be a teaching moment

by Paydayloans24702 Sep 2016

If you have risen to leadership in your organization, I have no doubt that you have had some learning experiences. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone fails from time to time. What makes a person successful is how well the person learns from those experiences. If you're a leader, that just means that you've made a lot of mistakes and were willing to learn the lessons from all of them.

Now, turn that philosophy around and think about your team. Have you encountered a situation in which one of your team member's made a mistake? What did you do? Did you discipline them in some way? Did you warn them not to let it happen again, or else? Did you go all the way to terminating their employment? Or, did you take the opportunity to teach them?

When your people make mistakes, don't view it as a failure. View it as an opportunity to teach them and help them grow. As leaders in the mortgage industry, we have a responsibility to build leaders that will take our place in the future of the industry. If we don't allow our people the flexibility to learn the lessons that we were fortunate enough to learn, we'll never develop them into the leaders that we were privileged to become. Our failures were learning experiences for us. Let's turn their failures into learning experiences for them!