Leadership and perseverance

by Paydayloans24702 Jul 2015
As leaders in the mortgage industry, our people are looking to us for an example on how to deal with the ever-changing landscape in the business. We have to deal with changes on many different fronts: economic, technological, legal, and so on and so forth. The breadth and the depth of the changes can be trying on people going about their everyday work. It can become burdensome and difficult to endure. When the work becomes too challenging, there is only one thing that can get people to stick it out: seeing their leaders stick it out as well.

Perseverance is an attribute that we find inspiring in many different contexts. We hear sports stories about athletes playing hard to the end of the game and somehow making an impossible comeback to achieve victory. We hear stories from battles in which soldiers fight hard and refuse to surrender against impossible odds only to overcome the enemy in the end. And the same is true for the business world. If we keep fighting and pushing forward, we can overcome whatever challenges we are up against.

When we overcome impossible odds, our people take notice. Giving mandates and ultimatums isn't going to inspire anyone to do their work. Our people need to see us in action. They need to see us solve challenging technological problems, overcome legal hurdles, and thrive in a down economy. It is only by persevering and showing our people that victory is possible no matter how unlikely it may seem that we can get them to truly join the fight. Perseverance is the pathway to complete loyalty and dedication from our people.

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