Mobile: The new way people are shopping

by David Lykken03 Jun 2015

A decade or so ago, the Internet really started to come to fruition as the primary way in which people find out about new products and services. Small businesses could no longer get by with placing an ad in the paper or putting a nice sign up in the parking lot. Companies that didn't have a website had begun to be ignored completely. A decade ago, if you didn't have a website you didn't have a chance.

Fast forward to now. The same hold true about the website. If you aren't on the Internet and people can't find basic information about your company, you don't even have a shot at doing business with them. But today there's another element of Internet marketing that goes above and beyond merely having a website. Today, people aren't just using the Internet--they're using it in a different way. More and more, people are seeking information not from their computers at home but rather from their smart phones and tablets while they're out and about. Mobile Internet is taking over as the primary means for people finding information about the products and services they're seeking.

When it comes to the mortgage industry, I think most of us can do a much better job at making our web presence mobile friendly. Have you looked at your organization's website on a smart phone? Is it easy to read and navigate? If you were looking for a home, would you be able to find the information you need to take the next step? If not, then you'll lose people before you even have a chance with them. Do yourself a favor and look into your mobile presence--it's time that the mortgage industry capitalizes on the new way people are shopping.

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