The importance of being involved in your local community

by Paydayloans24724 Sep 2015
More than ever, we live today in a globally connected world. We're just as likely to communicate with people hundreds of miles away via Facebook or LinkedIn as we are with someone next door or across the street from us. The very notion of a community has changed with the advent of the Internet and social media. But still, despite the revolution in technology and communications, people still interact most frequently with those they come into physical contact with.

The connections that have the most impact are the "real life" connections. The people who interact with one another at work, the people who go to church with one another, the people who go to movies together or get drinks together – all of these relations matter just as much now as they have before. When people share the same experience occupying the same physical space, special bonds form. And it is within these relationships that opinions form most strongly.

As a leader in the mortgage industry, you are the face of your organization. Many people are going to form their opinions about your organization based on how they feel about you. Mass marketing and advertising are certainly important elements in influencing the public opinion. But never underestimate the power of personal touch. How active are you in your local community? Do the people in your city know your name? Do you speak at local events? Do you get involved with local charities? Do you have friends and connections that you spend time with locally? If not, you may want to start. Global influence often begins with a simple conversation with someone right down the street.
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