Choosing the right office space for your business

by 01 Aug 2012

(TheNicheReport) -- When shopping around for the ideal spot to plant your business, your decision is best made with the understanding that you expect to be there for quite awhile. Your space requirements will depend on the size of your staff and office equipment. Also make allowances for the growth of your business so renting a slightly bigger office space might be a good idea. Some buildings are great because a receptionist is provided and also free internet use.

Location is vital to success

The fact that you are renting office space is because your services need to be easily accessible to your customers. Having your office situated in high foot traffic areas with available parking is always a plus to your business. Unless your line of work can afford you renting office space in cheaper areas, without compromising your security, then do it. The rents for city office space are high and because this is a recurring expense, improper planning will drain your cash.

Some large companies rent office space because the size of their accounts department is huge. In this case getting a cheaper rent would make sense.

Office Space Amenities

It is a given that washroom facilities are to be provided. However, choosing an office space with inadequate washroom facilities will turn into a nightmare for both your staff and your customers. Ensure that safety regulations for fire and evacuation routes are in place where you plan to set-up shop.

This also includes taking a close look at if all the elevators are functioning properly. The general upkeep of the office space will give you an idea whether the landlord maintains the place. This small detail is important because shabby environment will de-motivate your staff and also turn customers away.

Office Space Contract

Important details should always be spelt out in the contract and never be assumed. Details include the rental amount and when it is due and the amount of deposit to be paid. The contract should state explicitly the condition that forfeits your deposit. The landlord responsibility must be spelt out here and never take for granted that they will willingly pay to maintain the building.

If your rent is subject to increase during your tenure, then you need to know exactly by how much and how many times it falls within rental increase. Have your lawyer look into your contract before you take the place.
Shared Office Space

Owners of start-up businesses opt to share office space because it eases the burden of paying full rent on already limited capital. These arrangements usually come with amenities such as a completely furnished office outfitted with office equipment. The downside is that businesses fail and if your co-renter defaults then it upsets your business operations. You will either have to pay the rent in full or move to a new location.

Office spaces for rent are easy to find. Simply contact a real estate agent or browse the classified section to get the information you want.

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