Miami mortgage lender targets international buyers

by Steve Randall07 Jun 2017
Miami-based mortgage lender Q Kapital Group has launched a new app to better serve international customers.

The lender specializes in arranging mortgages for international buyers of US residential real estate but says that the app is for domestic buyers too. It enables customers to submit required documentation to initiate the mortgage application process via a smartphone or tablet.

"Our objective is to simplify the mortgage application process," said President and founder Mauricio Ordoñez. "We created this app so foreign national buyers can apply for mortgage financing from anywhere in the world in a secure way. This expedites the process tremendously."

Q Kapital says that foreign national buyers from Latin America, Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, Asia and Africa interested in luxury residences, commercial properties or income-producing assets like multi-family homes or hotels tend to believe they can only acquire US properties with cash.

However, mortgage credit for commercial and residential properties in Miami and New York is available to them.

Co-founder Gaston Schneider added, "The mortgage process shouldn't be complicated. Now that virtually everyone is accessible via mobile, buyers can use our app from anywhere worldwide and see how much financing is available to them within seconds.

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