Still more to be done builders tell Congress

by Steve Randall12 Mar 2018

The Trump administration and Congress has done much to tackle the regulatory burden faced by homebuilders but there’s more to be done, the industry’s association says.

The National Association of Home Builders is urging lawmakers to go further with reforms to benefit home builders and homebuyers, by removing regulatory headwinds.

NAHB chairman Randy Noel testified to the House Small Business Committee and said that the association estimates that the regulations imposed by all levels of government amounts to 25% of the cost of a new single-family home.

“The first year of Donald Trump’s presidency has seen major progress on efforts to reduce the relentless and costly over-regulation of American industry,” said Noel. “However, while much has been accomplished, the hefty price home buyers are paying for government regulations represents just one more obstacle that home builders need to overcome in restoring the marketplace to normal conditions.”

Noel welcomed measures that have already been taken including the rescinding of the Federal Flood Risk Management Standard, and the overturning of the Volks Recordkeeping Rule.

However, NAHB is urging reform of the OHSA’s multiemployer policy which means general contractors can be hit with citations when a safety violation is created by a subsontractor.

Rules on lead-based paints and endangered species are also due for reform it says.

“The only sure way to safeguard against future bad regulation is to fix the broken regulatory rulemaking process itself, ensure all regulations are designed with small businesses in mind, and restore meaningful congressional oversight to the rulemaking process,” said Noel.

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