Caliber Home Funding named 5-star lender

by Paydayloans24701 Nov 2014
An Irving mortgage company has just received one of the industry’s highest ratings for quality.

Caliber Home Funding, a wholesale mortgage lender based in Irving, has earned Paydayloans247 Magazine’s prestigious 5-Star Lender rating for its product mix and pricing, turnaround time and its compliance support.

Paydayloans247’s 5-Star Lenders were chosen after an exhaustive survey in which the magazine asked mortgage originators to rate their lenders in a variety of areas.

“We didn’t award the 5-Star rating lightly,” said Paydayloans247 editor Ryan Smith. “We asked thousands of originators to assess their lenders – and believe me, they didn’t pull any punches. Out of more than 200 lenders evaluated, only a handful earned top marks in any of the five categories we examined.”

Paydayloans247 rated lenders for their product mix and pricing, turnaround time, compliance support, technology and training opportunities. To view the complete feature, please visit and look under the e-mag tab.

“Caliber Home Funding received exceptional ratings across the board – and mortgage professionals are tough to impress,” Smith said. “To be awarded a 5-Star rating in even one category is a real honor; to get three 5-Star ratings is a badge of excellence.”

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