California city okays proposal for 100-unit emergency housing

by Anna Sobrevinas22 Feb 2017
The city council of Berkeley, Calif., has approved the installation of a 100 housing units — with its eye on the innovative MicroPAD.

Berkeley City Councilmember Ben Bartlett told Curbed SF that they must take other proposals on addressing the city’s need for emergency housing, but that the MicroPAD — pre-built, 160-square-foot homes that can be stacked to make buildings — is in the lead.

“It’s the best thing out there,” Bartlett said.

The city council unanimously voted in favor of the 100-unit emergency housing last week.  

“We see this crisis as an opportunity for innovation,” Bartlett and two other councilmembers said in a statement. “This item referral seeks to jumpstart innovative financing and development models for assisted and low-income housing that emphasize speed, durability, and cost efficiency.”

Early this month, a display of the MicroPAD was seen at the Sacramento City Hall as the city also tackled on ways to address its homelessness problem

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