Carson praises HUD-funded program Trump administration wants to ax

by Anna Sobrevinas21 Mar 2017
HUD Secretary Ben Carson was in Detroit last week, praising a federally-funded program that the Trump administration wants to kill, according to CNBC.

The Office of Management and Budget released its 2018 budget proposal for federal spending last week. Along with many other programs on the chopping block, the budget suggested the removal of the Community Development Block Grant, which would save $3 billion from the 2018 budget. Proponents of cutting the grant say that the federal government has spent more than $150 billion on the grant since 1974, but the program has been insufficient in helping the poorest populations and hasn’t delivered favorable results. 

Carson stopped by a restaurant funded by Motor City Match, a program between the city of Detroit and the HUD. It pairs ‘new and expanding’ businesses with the city’s available real estate.

“Small businesses are the backbone of our country. The @MotorCityMatch program is a wonderful example of community revitalization at work,” Carson tweeted.

The irony? Motor City Match is partly-funded by the department’s Community Development Block Grant program.

Since Motor City Match began in early 2015, it has served 572 businesses, provided $2.9 million in grants and allotted 2.3 million square feet in real estate.

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