Digital mortgage platform Simplist launches in five states

by Candyd Mendoza12 Sep 2019

Simplist, a digital mortgage marketplace, has announced its official launch in the home-lending business.

The new mortgage platform will serve prospective homebuyers in Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Simplist integrates with fintech partners and credit-reporting agencies to speed up the process of verifying the applicant’s financial information.

The platform then pairs users’ information with competitive rates from a list of national lenders, as well as regional and local banks. Simplist also offers refinancing options for existing homeowners.

“Emerging demographic trends and technological advances are changing the face of the job market, and the way that consumers interact with businesses,” said Anthony Sherman, chief executive officer at Simplist. “However, the mortgage industry has proven slow to respond to the needs of today’s customers or build adequate models to evaluate their creditworthiness. At Simplist, we believe in facilitating access to quality financing options that are as innovative as our customers.”

"Homeownership remains a cornerstone of the American Dream, and Simplist aims to ensure that dream is accessible to more eligible borrowers,” Simplist President Chris de la Motte said. “We don’t believe in reducing applicants’ accomplishments to a rigid checklist. We recognize that prospective homeowners are individuals with their own unique stories, and we search well beyond the confines of most lenders to find mortgage options that are best suited to their needs.”