Embrace Home Loans integrates CompassPPE into LOS

by Francis Monfort31 Jan 2018
Embrace Home Loans has integrated Compass’ Product, Pricing & Eligibility Engine (CompassPPE) API and mobile app into its Empower LOS, a move that will provide the company’s more than 200 loan officers new tools and features within the LOS across multiple channels.

The integration features include quick-pricing of loan scenarios on mobile, tablet, or laptop; full investor coverage of pricing, guidelines, and LLPAs; and automation of locking, relocking, and extensions.

Embrace said its team is working with Compass Analytics to go live on Feb. 16.

Brian Gilpin, vice president of capital markets at Embrace, said the integration’s feature of automating the company’s lock policy helps its capital markets desk save time and benefit from real-time risk management capabilities.

“This will also equip our loan officers with the tools they need to deliver an even more outstanding experience for borrowers as well as enable them to increase their own competitiveness and close more loans,” Gilpin said. “Additionally, as we continue to transform from a purely business-to-consumer approach to one that includes a business-to-business component, providing loan operation functions to banks and credit unions, these tools will prove invaluable to delivering exceptional service to their customers and members. We are confident this will be a truly valuable partnership.”

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