HUD settles Nevada housing discrimination case

by Anna Sobrevinas12 Jun 2017
The owner and the manager of four apartment complexes in Reno, Nev., have agreed to settle a housing discrimination case filed against them by a Nevada fair housing organization, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

According to the , ERGS, Inc. (property manager/owner) and Silver Lake Apartments, LLC (owner) of the four apartment complexes in question – Silver Lake Apartments, Vale Townhomes, Oak Manor Apartments and Angel Street Apartments – discriminated against disabled prospective tenants with service animals by requiring them to pay a deposit fee.

Residents who require assistance animals shouldn’t have their housing rights denied to them,” said Bryan Greene, HUD general deputy assistant secretary for fair housing and equal opportunity. “HUD will continue working to ensure that landlords meet their obligation to comply with the Fair Housing Act’s requirements.”

The Fair Housing Act includes protection to persons with disabilities that are in need of service animals by prohibiting housing providers from denying them access to housing, implementing different terms and conditions and refusing to make reasonable accommodations available to them.

In reparation, both defendants agreed to compensate Silver State Fair Housing Council – the Nevada fair housing council that filed the complaint against them – to adopt written policies consistent with the Fair Housing Act. ERGS will pay Silver State $20,500.

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