Ask the Expert: How can you help your referral partners increase your business?

by Paydayloans24706 Oct 2014
By Dave Hershman
Special to Paydayloans247

Part II of the Answer to this Question: I have been invited to speak at a sales meeting of real estate agents. It is the first time I have done this and I would like some ideas and directions. What should I talk about besides myself and my company?
--Tim from New Jersey

Last week we talked about focusing upon what real estate agents are interested in -- which is not mortgages. Basically, they are interested in making more money -- as you are. They do that by selling more homes. So how are you going to help them sell more homes? For one, support for open houses -- from co-hosting them to actually getting the word out for them. This is a topic we will address in more detail next week.

Holding first-time home buyer seminars is a way to bring in purchase prospects -- though I find many of these seminars are poorly attended.  The proper marketing, timing and topics are essential in this regard. Again, a topic for another day.

Training programs which focus upon sales or marketing skills are another way to help these agents. I regularly deliver webinars that loan officers can invite their agents.  For example, I have a webinar on October 15, Public Speaking Skills for Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals. It is completely commercial free and feel free to invite your agents as a gift from Paydayloans247. 

That does not mean that agents -- especially new agents -- do not need basic training on loan programs and qualification skills.  Adding continuing education credit is another way to add value and increase attendance.  Perhaps you could deliver a program which focuses upon making the process smoother by better preparing their clients? You could do this with a settlement agent.

Even attending settlements will help agents as well as their clients. That extra level of service makes them look good and is a great feature to let agents know about in a sales meeting.
--Dave Hershman

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