Best Rate expects acquisition to boost reverse mortgage lead generation

by Ryan Smith28 Jul 2016
The recent acquisition of Best Rate Referrals by Digital Media Solutions (DMS) is expected to give a big boost to Best Rate’s growth in lead generation for the reverse mortgage industry, according to a report by Reverse Mortgage Daily.

“We anticipate the volume of reverse mortgage leads we are currently generating will grow by 50-100% over the next six to nine months,” Best Rate CEO and co-founder Raymond Bartreau told Reverse Mortgage Daily. “In the past we generated approximately 150 reverse mortgage leads per day, and we expect this to grow to 250 or more per day in the future.”

Best Rate Referrals will relocate from its Las Vegas headquarters to the DMS office in Clearwater, Fla., according to a news release. The call center at the Clearwater location will be twice the size of Best Rate’s current call center, with additional growth planned to contribute to the company’s plans to grow its reverse mortgage lead generation, according to Reverse Mortgage Daily.

“Joining the DMS team marks the transition of Best Rate Referrals into our next chapter,” Bartreau said in the news release. “Now we can scale our services to enhance the marketing performance of our mortgage industry clients.”

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