Branch Opportunity of the Week: Carrington Mortgage Services

by Ryan Smith04 Aug 2014
If you’re looking to join a branch network that’s aggressively entrepreneurial, consistently innovative, and has an unmatched corporate support structure, Carrington Mortgage Services may be the place for you.

Carrington Mortgage Services is part of Carrington Holding Co., a diversified financial services company with 15 different entities within it, from real estate agencies to title companies. That diversification allows Carrington to market loans to a niche other companies are pulling back from – borrowers with lower credit scores.

“I like to think that one of the things we have to offer people who’re coming to work at Carrington is a very unique opportunity to participate in any segment of the life cycle of a single-family residential asset,” says Raymond Brousseau, Carrington’s executive vice president of mortgage lending. “We’ve got a legacy of managing credit. That and our specialty servicer put us in a unique position to target borrowers we consider underserved – under the 640 FICO range.”

And Carrington’s large umbrella has other advantages for those who join its branch network.

“We bring things to the table that they won’t find elsewhere – whether it’s the opportunity to refinance one of our REOs, the opportunity to be coupled up with one of our realtors to go out and find business in the marketplace … or the name recognition that comes with having 15 other companies in the marketplace,” Brousseau says. “As a company we’re very entrepreneurial. We’re not afraid to turn on a dime and take a different direction. Today I’ve got three channels: the branch channel, the centralized channel and the wholesale channel. All three of those channels have shown five consecutive quarters of growth in a marketplace where everyone else is retreating. The reason we’ve had that growth is that we’re not afraid to try different things, whether it’s our marketing strategy to market to the lower end of the credit spectrum or our success in positioning the business away from refinance and more toward purchases. Today we’re 90% a purchase business.

“Whenever we’ve got a good idea, it not only becomes a reality – we make a business out of it,” he adds. “We’re not afraid to be the contrarian and take a different approach. The mortgage business in the last decade has been a business of constant change. People go from one mortgage lender to the other trying to find the best deal. At Carrington, we believe in building a team. People come to work here and stay here over the long term.”