Day in the life of Chad Jampedro

by Paydayloans24721 May 2014
Chad JampedroChad Jampedro
president, GSF Mortgage Corp

6:15am: I normally get up in the morning about quarter after six. I have two kids, so I get both of those kids ready for school. My daughter leaves for school about seven o’clock. My son goes to school later than her, so he leaves for school at 8:15. I send out an email every single business day to start the day with an inspirational quote that I’ve read. I normally get that email out between 6:30 and 7:30 in the morning.

8:30–8:45am: The first thing I do every day is pull the Fannie Mae and Ginne Mae bond quotes. Then I look at our investors’ pricing and any locks that may have come through during the night … then get ready to set the benchmarks for pricing that day. 9:15–9:30am: I return emails and phone calls from the calls that I made the night prior. I handle recruiting with our sales manager, so I return the phone calls and emails from people who called me back, specifically focused on recruiting for new branches.

10:30am: I spend some time calling existing branch managers or loan officers who may have a question. I try to make sure that every branch manager is having a phone call with me every month—whether it’s just checking in, or if they have marketing ideas or something they want to run past me.

12:00pm: I normally touch base with our director of marketing, and we talk about how our lead sites have performed through the course of the day. We just go through those analytics, and also our website touches—how many unique visitors have been on our site that day.

​12:30pm: I normally have lunch with Mike Maida, our national sales manager, and we catch up on whatever branch he’s working on. Whatever’s affecting the salespeople and is funneled through Mike, he’s bringing those issues to me.

1:00pm: I normally touch base with our corporate attorney, who works on compliance, state licensing, branch licensing. We spend maybe an hour or so catching up on any issues that may touch on GSF. For instance, we recently worked on our QM policy. We probably touched on that every single day last month. We have to make sure that we’re maintaining it as well. We’re running reports to make sure that the plans we put in place are working and effective.

2:00–3:00pm: I’ll spend a little bit of time with our general manager on the operations side, looking at any issues she’s seeing on the ops side with processing, underwriting, loan closings. We talk about service levels every day. If our turn time is moving from 72 hours to 96 hours, for instance, we talk about how we’re going to get it back to 72 hours.

3:30–4:00pm: I’m going to try to return any calls that have come in during the course of the day—investor phone calls, customer phone calls. We also have a social media site within GSF, and I like to go on there and post something positive and interact with the company that way. From there I go into recruiting and making those outbound phone calls to talk about GSF and what our offerings are. I also take some realtor partner phone calls. On Tuesdays and Thursdays both Mike Maida and I will stay late—until about 6 to 6:30—to take those phone calls.

5:30pm: Normally I try to get out of here between 5:30 and 6:00 if I can, then I go directly to the gym and spend about an hour. From the gym, I head back home and we start our nightly routine—dinner, homework, then we’ll spend a little time together as a family. Then bedtime for the kids, and myself and my wife will read for a while. Then we do it all again.