Eager buyers spur mortgage volume growth

by Donald Horne31 Jul 2015
“There is no denying that the mortgage market has been solid lately. It’s summer, a time traditionally good for our industry, but we are also experiencing rising mortgage rates and increasing home prices,” says Nicholas DelTorto, president of Inlanta Mortgage Inc. “Buyers recognize that their purchasing power diminishes as rates rise and property values increase, prompting them to get off the proverbial fence.”
The strong growth enjoyed by Inlanta Mortgage, Inc. is reflected in that company being named the number-one FHA (Federal Housing Authority) lender in May in the state of Wisconsin.
DelTorto credits the uptick in sales to a realization among consumers that now is the time to buy.
Lenders across the nation, including Inlanta, have capitalized on that success through a spate of new hires.
Since January of this year, Inlanta Mortgage has brought aboard 70 new employees, of whom 30 were hired to fill positions at the Inlanta Mortgage corporate headquarters in Brookfield, Wisc.. Positions filled include underwriters, loan processors, quality control specialists, as well as marketing and information technology professionals.
And it may be more than just the summer sun that is responsible for the increase in loan volume, as Inlanta hired 40 new branch employees, including new offices and managers in Green Bay, Wisc.; Sarasota, Fla.; and Carpentersville, Ill.