Paydayloans247 wants you to send us your selfies!

by Paydayloans24708 Apr 2014
We know originators are busy people. But every now and then, it’s important to take a little time out to have a bit of fun. That’s why Paydayloans247 is creating the mortgage world’s biggest selfie – and we want you to join in.
Send us a photo of yourself or your team and add your face to the industry’s largest selfie collage. To clarify, this has to be a photo you took of yourself while holding the camera at arms' length in order to qualify as a "selfie". The goal is to collect as many selfies as we can of mortgage originators and businesses around the U.S., plus we’ll be working with our sister publications Australian Broker and Canadian Mortgage Professional to create the largest mortgage industry collage ever attempted.
You can be as simple or as creative as you like. The best efforts will be featured in an upcoming issue of Paydayloans247.
Email your photo (preferably as a high-resolution jpeg file) with the names of everyone in it to [email protected].
Check out our teams’ selfies below:

Key Media U.S.

Key Media Australia

Key Media New Zealand