Use online marketing right, or risk coming off as 'sleazy salespeople'

by Paydayloans24717 Jun 2013
Online marketing is crucial for originators, but if done incorrectly they can be written off as "sleazy salespeople".
That's according to Scott Schang of Broadview Mortgage, who told Paydayloans247 TV this week that web marketing done right is a must for originators who are looking for success.
"You have to have online presence, because clients are going to Google you," he said.
And that online presence is important in winning the trust of wary borrowers, Schang said.
"With the collapse of the mortgage industry, the one thing that came screaming out of that is that the industry is not trusted by consumers and they will do anything to avoid having to come into face-to-face contact or vocal contact with lenders, because they're all sleazy salespeople who are going to cheat them out of their homes," he said.
Schang said online marketing should focus on consumers, rather than on originators selling themselves. But although online presence is an imperative, Schang said it's not the be-all and end-all of marketing.
"Online is a medium and a tool-set, it's not a marketing plan. You have to have a marketing solution and a value proposition. The tools only allow you to augment and amplify that," Schang said.
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