What types of marketing can lower acquisition costs?

by Donald Horne26 Jun 2015
Taking advantage of social media is one way to do it, says Zach South, president of Best Rate Referrals.

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Facebook and SMS (a.k.a. texting services) in an ever-increasing mobile world are excellent ways to put your face and brand in front of consumers, and are key components to lowering acquisition costs.
The quickest, most efficient way to build frequency with your audience is through Google, continues South.

“Google is the easiest, you simply place a tracking code on your site, and then everyone that sees your site will then be followed around the web with your text and banner ads,” says South. “Clicks are cheaper than bidding on the main search engine and your conversion rates will soar as these consumers already visited your site.”

 “Using one or more of the techniques we recommend in 6 Ways to Lower Your Acquisition Costs will not only lower your loan acquisition cost,” says South, “but raise your closing percentage.”

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