Nonprime lender ups staff

by Ryan Smith07 Mar 2017

The surge in nonprime mortgage after a long fallow period is making enough work for some nonprime lenders that they’re having to bring in extra hands. Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions recently added four new executives to its leadership team and four additional account executives to keep up with demand.

Al Stanley joined the company as its chief information officer, Steven Winokaur was named chief marketing officer, Nick Mantia was named vice president of training, and Matt Henson was named chief human resources officer.

Meanwhile, Angel Oak brought Aron Thielen, Ryan Burchfield, Ralphael Wilson and Martin Espitia on board as account executives. Thielen joined the company in Minnesota, Burchfield in California, and Wilson and Espitia in Texas.

“I joined Angel Oak to return to a love that I knew prior to the fall of the industry,” Wilson said.