Branch Opportunity of the Week: Branch manager praises Integrity Mortgage Group

by Ryan Smith24 Jul 2014
A branch network can tout its benefits to the moon, but the most important recommendation will always come from someone who actually works there. And Fortville, Ind., branch manager Gary Tedrow has great things to say about Integrity Mortgage Group.

“First and foremost, I appreciate the family atmosphere,” Tedrow says. “Maybe it’s the southern hospitality thing, I don’t know, but they’re very personable. They’re kind, they’re friendly. They’re very supportive, going the extra mile for their loan officers.

“They’re not opposed to staying late or coming in early to help you get your deals done,” he adds. “To be honest, I kind of expected that to go away after I’d been there for a while. But it hasn’t.”

Tedrow also praises company co-founders Dean and Kelly Wolfe for their accessibility.

“No other company that I’ve ever worked for have I been able to freely pick up the phone and call (the heads of the company) directly,” he says. “It’s not a hands-off, untouchable company. My previous company wasn’t that way. They were corporate, and you were a peon. The Wolfes aren’t like that.”

Tedrow is also enthusiastic about the support he receives from Integrity’s underwriting and closing departments.

“The underwriting team is very good,” he says. “They work well individually and they work well together. If one underwriter is stumped, he’s not afraid to talk to another underwriter. They’re very experienced and they have quick turn times. I’m not waiting days on something like I have before.

“And the closing department is great,” he adds. “In all honesty, for me this probably has more weight than anything. I love my closing team. They work super-hard for me, and I’m not the kind of guy who closes $15 million a month. We’re just a small shop – and yet they still give me the support like I was that guy. They’re top-notch.

“And last but certainly not least, I’m making more money than I’ve ever made before,” he says. “They have great pricing, and with that in combination with the great turn times, I’m making a pretty good living.”

Integrity Mortgage Group offers:
  • In-house FHA manufactured homes program
  • HUD DE FHA 203k Department with 24-hour underwriting
  • HUD DE FHA reverse mortgage lender with in-house underwriting and closing
  • Direct VA, FHA, USDA and conventional loans
  • Underwriting hotline for questions and scenarios
  • Dedicated transition team with processing support
The company is licensed in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia, Texas and Louisiana. For more information, visit, email [email protected], or call Kelly Wolfe at 877-1772-3350.