Top of Mind Networks unveils personalized-messaging software

by Candyd Mendoza12 Sep 2019

Top of Mind Networks, a mortgage customer relationship management software provider, has announced the release Surefire Power Calls, a personalized-messaging software.

Surefire Power Calls enables users to leave a pre-recorded voicemail to a customer while the next call dials automatically.

The company said that Surefire Power Calls segments contacts and delivers personalized messaging to help loan officers close more sales. It provides pre-written, customizable scripts to guide conversations and streamline the process of making voicemail recordings.

“We are excited to announce Surefire Power Calls, and we are certain that our CRM users are going to love the game-changing technology,” said Surefire Chief Executive Officer Bill Hayes. “Surefire is the only mortgage CRM that offers this capability, and it is just one more example of our commitment to helping our customers close more sales. As the industry’s leading CRM, our goal is to continue to innovate our product to ensure the success of our clients.”