Loralynne Ball

Loralynne Ball
Senior Vice President

Loralynne Ball is one of the best leaders in the business. Nominated as an elite woman by an astounding 37 people, Loralynne has built a reputation as an effective and inspiring leader and a master of customer service. “I don’t believe anyone else in the business has such a high level of understanding of how to be a successful LO and run an industry-leading OPs team,” says loan originator Bryan Lovell. Ball’s coworkers credit her drive and concern for the well being of both customers and employees for pushing the agency to new heights. “She is the heart and soul of VanDyk Mortgage,” says senior loan originator Norman Fisher. “Without her, we would be an ‘also-ran’ company rather than an industry and market leader in the markets we serve.”
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  • Head Office 13577 Feather Sound Drive, 6th Floor Clearwater, FL 33762
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