Director of policy servicing
Age: 35 
Years in the industry: 10

Farrah Panetta started in the mortgage and housing industries at the young age of 18, and has worked over half her life in almost every facet of the business: real estate, mortgage lending, mortgage servicing and mortgage insurance. She has been instrumental in building national MI’s policy servicing department from the ground up, including creating a policy servicing guide, as well as the forms and servicing procedures National MI now employs.

“Farrah has the ability to think ahead several steps into the future and anticipate how she will need to manage premium billing and policy servicing nuances,” says Claudia Merkle, EVP of insurance operations and Panetta’s supervisor. “She thinks of all the possible servicing situations that could occur and then explains to IT how to build the business logic to support and automate servicing for any of our MI products.”
Company Information
  • Company National MI
  • Head Office
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