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by 31 Mar 2015
During the last few years, investors have spent billions on purchasing single-family homes and converting them to rental properties. This group of buy-to-rent landlords continues to grow and they are cashing in on the share of Americans that prefer to rent instead of own. 
But traditionally, they have had limited access to financing. While big investors can self-finance their acquisitions, small- to midsize- landlords intent on cashing in on distressed properties are left with very few viable financing options.
However, you don’t have to let your investor clients walk away. Now, there’s a simple way to help them receive financing.
Download our free fact sheet and find out how:
-  How YOU can take advantage of this great product for investor clients
-  Where you can look to develop leads
-  What’s driving investor appetite for buy-to-rent homes
-  Competitive loan terms