Under-promise and over-deliver, says 'mortgage guru'

by Ryan Smith21 Jan 2014
Amy Tierce, described by her colleagues as a “rock-star mortgage guru,” has more than 20 years’ experience in the industry. For the last seven of those years, she’s been leading one of the top branches of Fairway Independent Mortgage. Tierce’s Newton, Mass., branch is home to five of the company’s top 10 producers.

Tierce, who’s also become a sought-after speaker at industry events, says her secret to success boils down to a few simple precepts.

“I would say there would be three points,” Tierce says. “Number one: If you take really good care of people – both people who refer you and clients who are referred – business will come, so don’t think about the money. I focused on providing the best possible experience for my realtors and my clients.”

Tierce also stressed being honest with borrowers – even when she has to tell them things they don’t want to hear.

“Tell the truth, nothing but the truth – absolutely always,” she says. “Even when its hard, even when you wish you didn’t have to. Truth is tantamount to everything that I do, both as a leader and a manager and professional and as a human being on the planet.

“Third, under-promise and over-deliver,” Tierce adds. “But more than anything, your word is your promise. We’re always dealing from a point of strength and integrity.”